An Ultimate Guide to Shoe Care

People often judge a person’s character by the shoes they wear. So to leave a good impression on someone, you may want to not only wear good-looking shoes but also learn to take care of them.

Taking care of your shoes also helps prolong their life. So, with some simple shoe care products and the tips below, you can always put your best foot forward.

1. Pick the Right Shoe for the Occasion

The first step of shoe care is to know which material you should wear according to the weather. Choosing the right material will save them from unnecessary damage.

For e.g: Leather shoes like these Casual Penny Loafers are a perfect fit for both, casual or formal wear, while these suede Chelsea Boots are great for outdoor activities.

2. Store Them Right

Always store your shoes in a well-ventilated cabinet to keep them and other shoes from smelling bad. Sprinkle some baking soda inside your shoes to neutralise the bad odour or use a deodorising shoe spray. Leather shoes must be stored in cloth bags to keep the dust, moisture, and light away. 

Also, never stack your shoes one above the other or else they could lose their shape. Store them neatly side-by-side and stuff some newspaper inside to maintain its original shape.

3. Clean Them Appropriately

Don’t wait around until the next time you have to wear the shoes to clean them. You need to clean your shoes as soon as possible to avoid them from permanent staining. 

For Canvas and Fabric Shoes

Start with a dry cloth to dust away any dirt and follow up with a wet cloth. You can wash them with some soap/detergent and water. Leave them to dry in a vertical position which allows the excess water to drain away.

For Leather Shoes

Brush away all the dirt with a soft-bristled brush. For stubborn stains, dip a cloth in some soap and water solution, and wipe the surface. Clean it with a dry cloth and follow up with some leather cream. Once dry, buff the shoe with a clean cloth to make it shine.

For Suede Shoes

Use a brush to scrub away all the dirt. If there are any stains, blot with a cloth dipped in vinegar and water solution. Use our 2-in-1 spray to clean and protect your suede shoes.

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4. Polish Them for That Extra Shine

You can either get your leather shoes polished by a cobbler or do it yourself at home. But don't do it right before you step out of the house. Instead, polish them the night before to let the polish set properly.

You will need a shoe brush, a soft cloth, and the polish cream. Use the brush to brush away any dust and apply the polish in circular motions with the cloth. It is best to start with less and add another layer if needed. When it’s dry, brush away any excess polish and buff it with a micro-fibre cloth.

Always follow the instructions on the label to learn the appropriate way to take care of your shoes. With the right care, you will extend their life and keep them in good condition for a long time to come.

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