It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. This was certainly the case for Catherine Paver (1928 - 2017) when she founded Pavers more than 45 years ago in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Feeling bereft of options for stylish yet comfortable shoes for her own sensitive feet, Catherine Paver started a home-based business on a small, £200 bank loan. More than 4 decades later, Pavers has become a much-loved footwear retailer with a revenue that exceeds £120 million, and a network of more than 160 stores. Pavers also has the distinction of being one of the few retailers in the world to have its own home shopping satellite channel, PaversShoes.TV.

The joint venture, powered by shared family values and a passion to perform with excellence, led to the creation of Pavers England - a dynamic brand with a focus on providing stylish and comfortable footwear and accessories to key cities in India. Pavers England operates 30+ stores across India.

In 2008, Pavers entered a joint venture with Foresight Group, a London-based $1.25 billion global conglomerate. Established in 1984 by its founding Chairman Dr. Ravi K Mehrotra CBE, Foresight Group has a diverse business portfolio that encompasses shipping, oil drilling & exploration, manufacturing, and F&B. The Group has a global footprint of excellence in Europe, South Asia, China and the Middle East.

With its rich British heritage as a strong global organization and an admirable track record of success across India, Pavers England is poised for a rapid expansion across India.